Upgrading to 9.4 or Higher

To help make CloudBolt upgrades more reliable, we have removed operating-system packages (RPMs) from the CloudBolt Installer and Upgrader. The Upgrader will now update all CloudBolt system requirements to the latest versions available.

Users with Public Internet Access

Users who would like to upgrade CloudBolt should verify that their CloudBolt appliances have a Yum repository available by SSHing into the CloudBolt appliance and running yum check-update before running the upgrader.

If your CloudBolt appliances are hosted in firewalled environments, you may need to add proxy settings to those appliances' yum config:

  1. In the yum config file /etc/yum/conf, define the proxy settings to the following:

  2. Save and exit the file. Start using the yum command. 
  3. Run a command like the following to check if you are able to fetch the packages: [root@yourfolder ~]# yum-repolist

Users without Public Internet Access

Users who are not able to access a public Yum repository have two options for upgrading their CloudBolt appliances:

  1. Host an internal Yum repository mirror. See Centos docs for instructions.
  2. Upgrade by installing a new CloudBolt Appliance OVA. See Upgrading to 9.X.

Information In the Upgrading to 9.X instructions, references to 8.X will apply to any version you're currently using. 

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