UI Extensions

 Every organization has some unique requirements, tools, and processes that may not be addressed by the stock CloudBolt application. For this reason, you have the ability to extend the user interface through UI extensions

To get started, check out samples of UI extentions available from the CloudBolt Content Library. Visit Admin > System > Manage UI Extensions and click Import from the Content Library.

Information Creating and maintaining UI extensions is an advanced endeavor that may impose a cost. Because you are working with internal APIs rather than public ones, things are more likely to evolve over time. You may need to test and upgrade your extensions when upgrading CloudBolt.

If you need help implementing a UI extension, please contact CloudBolt Software for support or to start a professional services engagement.

Writing an extension is similar to writing a CloudBolt Plugin orchestration actions. Your extension has access to all CloudBolt internal models and functions. In addition, it and can make use of 3rd party libraries so long as they’ve been installed on the Python path. It’s a good idea to confirm with CloudBolt Software before installing these to be sure there won’t be conflicts.

Extension developers need to be versed in Python and basic Django knowledge at a minimum, like viewsurls and templates. They will likely need to use the interactive Django shell on the CB server to develop queries, introspect model instances, etc.