System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

SCVMM is a centralized way to manage large clusters of virtual machines using different technologies. Currently, CloudBolt supports Hyper-V virtual machines. The CloudBolt SCVMM Resource Handler provides a connection between CloudBolt and your SCVMM instance, so you can easily manage SCVMM from within CloudBolt's interface.

Warning When you use the SCVMM Resource Handler to provision a new VM, it won't have an IP or MAC address listed in CloudBolt. Manually refresh after a few minutes to show the IP and MAC address in CloudBolt. Executing scripts on these VMs during the provisioning process is not currently an option.

To set up the SCVMM Resource Handler:

  1. Go to Admin > Resource Handlers.
  2. Click +Add a new resource handler...
  3. Select SCVMM.

  4. Enter the required connection information
    • IP Address: IP address of the SCVMM management server.
    • Account username: This can be entered in one of two formats: DOMAIN/Username or 
    • Password: The password for the account used to access SCVMM.
    • WinRM Transport: Typical choices are NTLM and CredSSP. For Kerberos, please contact for setup assistance. 
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter a display name if desired. Check the boxes corresponding to the number of clusters you'd like to import. 
  7. Click Done. You will be taken to the SCVMM Overview tab. Click Clusters to see details.

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