CloudBolt can be translated into languages other than English. Follow this guide to localize CloudBolt into the language of your choice.

Download the .po files

CloudBolt provides .po files with the English versions of the strings that need to be translated. Download them and place them on your CloudBolt server at following location:


where ‘xx’ is the ISO 639-1 code for the language you wish to use.

Translate the .po files

The .po files will be filled with sections that look like this:

#: templates/servicecatalog/si_details_panel.html:43 
msgid "Edit this blueprint item"
msgstr ""

Each msgid that has a corresponding msgstr in the target language will show up as translated in CloudBolt.

Compile the Translations

After adding the translations to the .po files, run the following management command to compile the files into binaries that CloudBolt will serve up.

/opt/cloudbolt/ compilemessages 

Change Language Code

Finally, add the following line to /var/opt/cloudbolt/proserv/


Where ‘xx’ is the ISO 639-1 code for the language that you have translated.

Built-in Content

In addition to the messages defined in the .po files, CloudBolt also provides content out of the box that can be renamed via the UI. Parameters, Actions, Roles, and other objects can be ‘translated’ simply by editing their labels.

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