Getting Started with CloudBolt

Now that you've installed CloudBolt, follow this guide to discover some of CloudBolt's core features.

Explore What Quick Setup Created

Manage discovered servers

  1. Note that quick setup logged you out of the ‘admin’ account and into the account created by the quick setup. For security the admin account is automatically deleted at the end of the quick setup process unless you chose to name your first account ‘admin’.
  2. At the end of the quick setup wizard, the “Start Using CloudBolt” link takes you to the Resource Handler List page.
  3. The Resource Handlers page is part of an Intro Tour which gives the user an overview of main CloudBolt components.
  4. The first thing you’ll want to do is set up a resource handler in order to discover existing VMs in one of your compute environments and enable provisioning. Follow the on-screen guidance.
  5. Once you’ve created a Resource Handler, CloudBolt starts a sync job to discover your VMs and create corresponding server records.
  6. Note that they show up with group and owner set to unassigned, but can be reassigned as appropriate.

Provisioning a New VM

  1. Click the “New server” link in the navigation bar (under the “Servers” menu item).
  2. Choose the group you created during quick setup and select one of the environment(s) that was automatically created. The order form can be configured so that it provides different options based on the choice of group & environment.
  3. Watch the order proceed to completion. For more details on the server provisioning process, click the link for the “Provision Server Job” that was started.

The next sections of this document will discuss some ways to customize the order form so that you can show just the options that make sense for your users. See Order Form Customization for full details on this process.

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