CloudBolt Dashboard

The Dashboard acts as the home page for CloudBolt Software. Widgets here show summaries of your IT estate, and quick actions can be completed from these widgets. The logged-in user determines which widgets show and which actions are allowed. The default starting page can be changed in Admin > Misc Settings.

Click the CloudBolt logo in the navigation menu to return to this page at any time.

Widgets for frequently used processes will appear on the Dashboard.
  • Click the header of each widget to collapse it to the header only.
  • Quick actions are available from the Dashboard, or access the full options from the Admin page.​
  • Click the gear icon  to enable Edit Mode. The widgets will shake, allowing reconfiguration with drag-and-drop. Click Finished to save.
Information The XUI and Reports widgets now reside at the bottom of the Dashboard UI.

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity widget allows you to filter by different types of events or by all types. All History is the default. Click the dropdown to choose another History type.


The Blueprints widget shows Blueprints available for the logged-in user. If there are no Blueprints configured, choose one from the Content Library or click Create a new Blueprint.

Click the dropdown to filter by FeaturedFrequently Ordered, or Recently Added. Featured is the default filter.


The Jobs widget displays a customizable graph of Jobs, color coded by worker. 

  • Click the time period dropdown to filter by Hour, Day, Week, and Month.
  • Use the graph type dropdown to switch between Column, Bar, Line, or Area graphs.


The Environments widget displays categories of Environments based on the selected filter.

Click the dropdown to see Environments based on Highest Number of Servers, Lowest Number of Servers, Highest Rate, or Lowest Rate.


The Servers widget displays ordered servers by Status and Environments.

  • Click the Dropdown to change the sort option:
    • My Servers is the default and shows servers for which the User is the Owner.
    • Newest and Oldest refer to provisioning time.
    • Highest and Lowest Rates.
  • From this widget, Order a New Server or See All Servers.
  • View information for the selected Server in its card at the bottom of the widget.


The Orders widget displays pie graphs of Orders by Status, Groups, and Owners. A list of Orders shows details in a structured layout.

  • Click the dropdown to change the sort option:
    • My Orders is the default and refers to Orders for which the User is the Owner.
    • Needs Approval and Pending Orders are only visible to Super Admin users. When Needs Approval is selected, the Super Admin user can approve/deny/edit Orders from the Dashboard widget.
  • Click a heading in the list of Order details to sort the list by that heading.


The Reports widget allows you to quickly navigate to the main page for the selected Report.

UI Extensions

The UI Extensions widget allows you to quickly navigate to the UI Extensions Admin page.