The Catalog enables admins to create Blueprints for controlled and repeatable deployments by end users.

A Blueprint can be as simple as a one-click single server build and as complex as a multi-tier load balanced application stack running in multiple environments.

A Blueprint may even be composed of only actions, with no servers provisioned at all (ex. creating a new LUN by running a CB plugin that interacts with a storage API). Admins can use this flexibility to implement “X as a Service” or XaaS. For example, one could create Blueprints for ordering laptops, filing support tickets in an external tracker, or similar solutions not involving actual VM provisioning. Blueprint managers can have their Blueprint actually create a resource object to represent the result of ordering that Blueprint, such as a laptop, or make no overall resource (e.g., for filing a support ticket, where there’s no need to keep a record of that object in CB). The types of reources available are defined by CloudBolt Admins on the Admin > Internal Entities > Resource Types (XaaS) page.

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