What is OneFuse

The first codeless solution for automating, integrating, and extending private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Features & Benefits

  • Centralized Policy management and visibility.
    • Through OneFuse’s single web-based UI, IT teams have one place to build and view Policies that are used to provision cloud resources, enabling better control over infrastructure governance and compliance.
  • Modular, configuration-based automation.
    • Through OneFuse’s dynamic Templating technology, enterprises can rapidly build integrations (e.g., for IT technologies like IPAM, DNS, networking and security, etc.) into API-consumable policies for easy sharing across various IT teams and cloud environments.
  • Role-based control with Workspaces.
    • Enterprises can easily limit who can create and execute policies while securely segmenting, managing, and sharing policies within and across departments / groups for improved security posture.
  • Easy consumption from automation tools.
    • Designed to complement automation tools, orchestrators, and scripts, OneFuse makes it extremely easy for upstream automation tools to consume downstream integration policies, without the need for custom code.
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  • Portability between vendors.
    • OneFuse helps avoid vendor lock-in by allowing users to easily redirect policies to new vendor systems without having to re-write scripts and custom developed integrations.
  • Fully-supported.
    • Continuous feature releases & updates and support for vRealize Automation 7 and 8, CloudBolt, and Terraform with more on the way!

Visit our OneFuse Product page for additional resources at: sovlabs.com/products/onefuse

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