RDP/SSH Troubleshooting

My remote connections cannot be established

  1. Verify that the RDP/SSH Prerequisites have been satisfied.
  2. Check your CloudBolt logs for error messages.
  3. Log into the CloudBolt server via SSH and verify that the guacd and guacg services are running.
  4. Log into the CloudBolt server via SSH and verify that you are able to telnet to the server’s relevant TCP port (22 for SSH, 3389 for RDP).
  5. Check your browser’s JavaScript console for error or warning messages or other diagnostic information.
  6. Add -d to the list of args to guacg in /etc/init.d/guacg and restart the guacg service; then check /var/log/cloudbolt/guacg.log for error messages.
  7. Review /var/log/cloudbolt/guacd.log for error messages.

If none of these steps indicate a problem, contact CloudBolt Support with your CloudBolt logs and a screenshot of your browser with the JavaScript console open and any errors shown.

“DISCONNECTED: SSH to …” warning while trying to connect to a server through CloudBolt SSH Server Action

This message is sometimes associated with a guacd configuration. In some cases, the MACs and/or Ciphers available to the CloudBolt instance (specified in the ssh config) do not match those available to the Virtual Machine (specified in the sshd config).

  1. To view Virtual Machine sshd MACs/Ciphers, run the command sshd -T to view the config file or cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config.
  2. From your terminal, ssh into your CloudBolt instance and find the ssh_config file, usually at /etc/ssh/ssh_config.
  3. Ensure that there is at least one MAC/Cipher which matches those specified in the Virtual Machine’s sshd config.