You will need the following:

  • An SSH username and password that can be used by CloudBolt to log in to the KVM host.
  • The virsh command available in the SSH user’s environment (after the user logs in, they are able to run virsh list --all without error.
  • Any templates you require to build VMs have been created using virt-install or other tool of your choice.

To set up the QEMU-KVM Resource Handler:

  1. Go to Admin > Resource Handlers.

  2. Click +Add a new resource handler….

  3. Select QEMU-KVM.

  4. Fill in the required information.

  • IP Address: The IP of the KVM host.
  • Username/Password: The SSH username and password for CloudBolt.


It is useful to test the SSH connection with putty prior to adding the Resource Handler. Run virsh list --all to ensure the user account is configured correctly. Refer to the Linux platform documentation for KVM configuration details.


We recommend using virt-install to create templates, named name-tmpl. For example, centos7-tmpl, and configured as required. These can then be imported using the OS Builds tab in the Resource Handler.