Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  1. Create a public/private key pair:

    1. openssl genrsa -out oci_api_key.pem 2048
    2. openssl rsa -pubout -in oci_api_key.pem -out oci_api_key_public.pem
    3. Copy and record he public key from cat oci_api_key_public.pem (1)
  2. Login at

  3. Navigate to “User Settings” under the profile menu (top right).

  4. Click “Add Public Key” and paste the key that was copied from above.

  5. Copy and record the fingerprint (2) and user OCID (3) or later use.

  6. Navigate to Administration->Tenancy details.

  7. Copy and record the Tenancy OCID for later use (4).

  8. When adding a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resource handler, the following information is needed:

    1. Region
    2. User OCID (3)
    3. Certificate fingerprint (2)
    4. Private key (1)
    5. Tenancy OCID (4)