Resource Handlers

What is a Resource Handler?

A resource handler (RH) is a connection to your virtualization platform or public cloud provider that CloudBolt uses to perform actions like server creation or modification on your behalf. Creating resource handlers for each of your virtualization technologies and public cloud providers lets you use them through CloudBolt’s unified interface.

Creating New RHs

CloudBolt Admins can create new resource handlers from the CB UI: AdminResource HandlersAdd a resource handler

Creating new RHs in CB does not change external systems in any way, it can be considered a safe, read-only operation. Changes will only be made if users are given permissions in CloudBolt to manage servers and then they make changes, for example pressing the “Power Off” button on a server.

Deleting RHs

Deleting a resource handler in CloudBolt will mark the associated virtual machines as historical, but will not affect your virtual machines or other resources in the hypervisor or public cloud environment.

Environments associated with a deleted resource handler, however, will be deleted from CloudBolt, as will other objects created in CloudBolt to represent resources in the public cloud (such as imported networks). Nothing in the actual cloud environment will be affected.