Azure Stack

The Azure Stack Resource Handler allows users to connect CloudBolt to their Azure Stack endpoint.

To set up the Azure Stack Resource Handler:

  1. Go to Admin > Resource Handlers.

  2. Click +Add a new resource handler….

  3. Select Azure Stack.

  4. Fill out the required information:

    • Subscription ID: The ID of the Azure subscription that this Resource Handler should use.
    • Application ID: The ID of an Active Directory application to use. Azure’s documentation also refers to this as “Client ID”.
    • Authentication ID: A private key created for the given Active Directory application. Azure’s documentation describes how to generate this type of key, but will only display a value once it is generated.
    • Directory ID: The Directory ID for the given Active Directory application. In Azure’s portal, this property is listed as “Directory ID”, and is also referred to as “Tenant ID”.
    • Auth Type: Choose an Auth Type from the dropdown.
    • Metadata Endpoint: The Azure Stack endpoint. For example: