ServiceNow is a software platform for creating and managing digital workflows.CloudBolt’s ServiceNow integrations allows users to take advantage of some of the ServiceNow workflows.

Click Admin, External Systems for a link to the CloudBolt ServiceNow Admin Page.

Configuration Management Database

Configuration Management Database is commonly referred to as CMDB. Configuration Item (CI) is a specific entry in the CMDB. CloudBolt sends server configuration information as a CI item to ServiceNow.

  • CloudBolt can send service configuration data to ServiceNow when a server is provisioned.
  • CloudBolt has the ability to remove server CI entry form ServiceNow CMDB when a server is decomissioned.

Request Management - Service Catalog

The ServiceNow Service Catalog is used to start the request management process.

CloudBolt users can send detailed order information to ServiceNow.

When enabled, this triggers a ServiceNow request management hook. A ServiceNow user can then act on the request and either approve or reject the order. When approved, CloudBolt kicks off the order as if it were approved via CloudBolt’s approval process. CloudBolt regularly syncs pending job orders with ServiceNow through our built in Recurring Job process.

Additional Notes

CloudBolt ServiceNow Configuration Manager utilizes Recurring Jobs. The naming conventions of these plugins must not be changed.