Upgrading a High Availability CloudBolt

Before You Begin

Stop all web server processes and job engines before beginning an upgrade of a High Availability CloudBolt.

  1. Use the command systemctl stop httpd on a CloudBolt web server to stop httpd.

  2. Verify that there are no active job engine jobs. Get a list of all active jobs in shell_plus using the following query:

  3. Either cancel active jobs with:


    Or run step #2, then cancel any stuck jobs with the following shell_plus command:

  4. Stop job engines using the command supervisord stop jobengine:*


Run the upgrader one at a time on each web server and job engine machine.


You do not need to run the upgrader on separate database servers if you have them. Running an upgrader on a web server or job engine machine will make any necessary schema changes to any database it’s connected to.