Troubleshooting Tips

A variety of tips to help troubleshoot issues you may come across. More to come shortly!

System Status

The health of various services within CloudBolt can be viewed at Admin > Support Tools > System Status.

Provisioning Issues & Parameters

“Customization Timeout” Errors

If a provision job is failing due to a customization timeout on the Resource Handler side or the server not getting fully customized (e.g., the hostname not getting set correctly), one possible solution is to use the “VM Customization Timeout” parameter. This overrides the default timeouts built into CloudBolt.

The default timeout depends on the Resource Handler and possibly OS Family, but you can see what it is in the failing job log and then set it to wait longer using the “VM Customization Timeout” parameter. Like all parameters, the value can be set using a Global Parameter Default, as an option on the Environment or Group, predefined in a Blueprint, as part of a preconfiguration, or entered on the order form.

For example, if all of my VMware Windows servers are taking longer than the default 600 seconds, I might choose to set a Global Parameter Default for “VM Customization Timeout” that only applies to Windows and has a value of 900 seconds instead.


Note that the timeout does not mean the job will necessarily wait that long. If it finishes in 30 seconds, it will not wait another 830.

Job Fails with VM not fully configured

Sometimes a RH reports that customization is done, but is actually still working behind the scenes. In this case specifying a “Post Provisioning Delay” to sleep for a bit before continuing with the next step can help resolve the issue. A value for the “Post Provisioning Delay” parameter can be set in all the usual ways.

This parameter may seem similar to “VM Customization Timeout”, but is different in that it applies after customization completes and does not directly impact whether a failure timeout occurs.

The use cases for the “Post Provisioning Delay” parameter include when things that occur right after the customization step of provisioning, such as Post-Provisioning Orchestration Actions, are failing because the server is not actually ready for them to happen yet.

Other Parameters

For more information on what Parameters are available to help you achieve your goals, check out the list at Admin > Parameters, which includes some helpful descriptions.