Maintenance Mode for CloudBolt

CloudBolt comes with a utility (/opt/cloudbolt/utilities/ that can be run as root on the CloudBolt server to enable and disable maintenance mode. Run the script with the “-h” argument to see detailed usage information.

When maintenance mode is enabled:

  • All users of the web UI will be redirected to a maintenance page with the title & body specified (sensible defaults will be used if these arguments are not specified).
  • The CloudBolt job engine will continue with jobs that are already running, but will not pick up new pending jobs, and will not restart once it has exited. Note that, this only affects the CB server it is run on.

If you have multiple CB servers, and want to put them all in maintenance mode, this command needs to be run on each. The CloudBolt upgrader will automatically activate maintenance mode (if it is not already activated).